The purpose of our services are to offer you the same level of diagnostics and quality medicine that you would receive at a traditional veterinary clinic with the added benefit of convenience and personalized care.

Wellness Care

We believe that preventive care is the most effective form of medicine. With regular veterinary evaluations, we can help prevent health issues before they happen or diagnose diseases in the early stages. Routine examinations, vaccinations and diagnostics can help keep your pet healthy. We are also able to offer domestic health certificates and microchipping.

Email Consultations

Sometimes, it is not necessary for a visit and Dr Dass is able to do an email consultation for pets that have been seen within the last year for recurrent issues or new problems. There is a small fee that ranges from $15-$45 for this and it will either be added to your account that can be paid at a follow up visit or we will call for payment.


We have the ability to do fecal analyses, urinalyses, cytology and x-rays. We are able to send samples to the lab or specialists for further diagnostics if needed.


Dental care is very important in your pets overall health. During routine examinations we will examine your pets level of dental disease and recommend a dental cleaning, if needed. We are fully equipped to perform routine dental procedures including full-mouth digital radiographs.


We have a full surgical suite that enables us to perform routine surgeries right in your driveway! Examples of surgeries include spays, neuters, mass removals and wound repair.

Behavioral Medicine

Behavior problems are a common cause of euthanasia and relinquishment of pets. Being able to visualize your pet in the confines of their own home will enable us to determine whether modifications or medications need to be put to use to help with behavioral issues. This will start with a full comprehensive examination and appropriate diagnostics as the possibility of a medical condition is always a potential cause of behavioral problems. Consultation with a board certified behaviorist will always be considered an option.

Geriatric Medicine

As our pets get older they may need special care to keep them comfortable and happy. Through examinations and diagnostics we can monitor and treat geriatric diseases as well as prescribing medications that will help them with chronic pain.

At-home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is never easy. We can give your pet a peaceful and gentle goodbye in the comfort of their own home. If needed, we can perform quality of life examinations to help you make your decision. We will guide you and be with you every step of the way. Each visit is catered to the need of the pet where utilization of a sedative will be used to ensure it is as stress free as possible for all members of the family. We are able to offer after care services as well.

A note about online pharmacies…

Although we do have a small pharmacy on board, space is limited. Therefore, we offer an online pharmacy that simplifies refills for medications/flea products etc. You can access the pharmacy from our website at Please be sure to plan at least 5-7 days shipping time for any medication requests, expedited shipping options are available. Requests through our own on line pharmacy are checked twice daily (unless Dr. Dass is out of town).

We are no longer able to call in prescriptions should your pet need a few doses to tide them over until the medication is shipped to you, however, a handwritten prescription for a small quantity can be mailed to you.

It is our policy to honor other on line pharmacy requests, if you choose not to use ours, at no charge to you. These can not be accessed as easily or as quickly as our own so please allow 48 hrs for authorization. Note that some medications will not be guaranteed through certain on line pharmacies due to illegal diversions and selling of counterfeit medications. Researching any online pharmacy is always recommended to ensure there has been no disciplinary action per the Board of Pharmacy. As suggested by the American Veterinary Medical Association you can also inquire with the State Board of Pharmacy to determine whether a pharmacy is licensed within the state and the status of their license. In addition, accreditation by independent programs can give you more information about an online pharmacy. One third-party accreditation includes The National Association Boards of Pharmacy Verified Website Program at .

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us today.