What To Expect

House calls enable us to devote significantly more time with you and your pet than you would spend in a traditional clinic setting. Typically, we expect the house call visit to last 45-60 minutes. However, multiple pet visits will likely take longer than this. This enables us to get a full history, do a full exam, and discuss treatment options. The fact that we come to you decreases the stress considerably for you and your pet. No more waiting rooms or car rides! We can do the exam in our mobile unit, outside or in the garage. Currently, we are not coming into homes. We are able to do blood work, x-rays surgeries, dental, and other diagnostics right on board, getting you results quickly and allowing your pets to recover in the comfort of their own home.


We are a concierge service that prides ourselves on quality medicine with the added convenience of traveling to your door and taking extra time to focus solely on your pet. Please understand that our prices, in comparison to traditional clinics, reflect this higher level of care.

  • Healthy pet exam with established client- $71 for first pet, $66 for every pet thereafter
  • Exams for health concerns with established client- $68
  • Annual Exams with health concerns/New client first visit exam- $81
  • Rechecks to evaluate previously diagnosed conditions- $46-$56
  • Extensive history/second opinion exam- $98
  • Telemedicine/email consultation for established client- $15-$45
  • There is a travel fee of $40-$60 depending upon your address and distance from our home base.
  • At home euthanasia: Please email acornmobilevet@gmail.com for questions and pricing. Be sure to include your address and breed/weight estimate for dogs.
  • Cremation options are available and cost varies depending upon size of pet and choice of services.
  • You will be able to be with your pet
  • Payment is required at time of services. We accept credit card, check or cash.